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Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
My Christmas was pretty good; the family was okay except for at the end when Granpda gathered us all around because he 'had something to tell us.'
"I have a problem." He says
"I'm hoping my kids can help me solve it."
More silence
"I have this financial problem."
Slightly relieved silence, but still anxious
The Prime Minister gave us $2000 and we don't know how to spend it."
Still, it’s hard to stay mad at a guy who gives $500 to each of his kids and $50 to the grandkids.
Then Christmas night I had more friends than expected turn up to my house for drinks, which encouraged one more to pop in as well. :D. I was so happy that so many people came around that night.
New Year’s Eve was a house party at a friend’s house. Friends and frivolity abounded, I left at about 4 am and they were still going strong. There will probably be a cut together video of it by tomorrow, if Pickle wasn't too tired today.
BTW: I am doing fine, so quit asking 'and how are you?' like the funeral is next week everyone.
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Well I just finished two weeks work experience at a cafe in Glenelg. Zest Cafe in Sussex St. Go there, you won't regret it.
So the boss there said that if he didn't already have a full roster getting fuller he would have offered me a job. :D. He also said he would be a reference for me so I'm pretty stoked about that considering I had zero work references previously.
Already I've had another interview but that was a bust because there was a miscommunication between my people and the interviewer; he thought I had my gaming badge when I'd merely done the educational component. Bummer. He said he might give me a call anyway but I won't hold my breath.
My sister bought a house, moving out in January. It will just be mother and I then.


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Just saw a doco on SBS. http://player.sbs.com.au/programs#/programs_08/fullepisodes/latestepisodes/playlist/My-Boyfriend-The-Sex-Tourist-Ep-1/
Was about a resort where the clientele (men) book women along with their rooms, not just for sex but as 'girlfriends'. Girls to wait on them, show them affection, and follow them around the tourist scene and even guide them (haggle for them at markets ecetera).
The girls were okay. None of them liked their work but most of them were resigned to it for the time being. They were also mostly very good at it. The one who was not resigned to it was fired.
But the clients. The men. They made me ashamed to be male, the way they pick and then reject these girls. The way they treat them while they're with them...*retch*.
There was even this one guy that the director made look like he might be okay. Still a sleeze, but respectful and even loyal to his chosen girl. At the end they interviewed him.


'How did you like your stay?'
'It was okay, the girl I picked was sweet she looked after me well [he'd been sick], but I'm never going to see her again, and that's okay.'
'Do you want the girls to think about you after you've gone?'
'I've never even thought about it'

That's it; I'm becoming a lesbian.

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Apparently not. Well at least not being offered work experiance at least. For instance I was walking down Sussex St in Glenelg today. Happened to run into my vocational rehab handler, who happened to be near Zest cafe, and lo and behold I have work experiance! (In actual fact we had an appointment, but my story is much more interesting than the truth, yes?)
I am doing floor work, I start next Monday and the placement goes for two weeks at the end of which I will have a current and hopefully good work-based reference.
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Not Anymore it don't!
I am no longer required to go into hospital for weekly 3 hour sessions of I.V. treatment. Best of all this means that the pills I had to take because the treatment was so toxic are off the menu.
YAY. Those were the worst. Honestly, I understand the idea that mediciene should taste bad so you want to get better but this shit was something else. If the devil made a medication, he made probenecid.
So the week after I had my last Tuesday treatment I went in one more time to thank the staff there. I know that it is part of their job to be nice to me, but considering its me, I must have made their job harder. So to thank them properly I made a copy of every one of my (and aff's) DVDs that I'd brought in and watched on their portable player while having treatment. The sheer number of movies that were there made me depressed and happy that it was finished all over again.
Still on the pills but that is coming down and I'm only going in every two months for doctors appointments which are also getting further apart. Most of my treatment is done over the phone.
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You Are: 50% Dog, 50% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.

You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.

And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

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Ana Ivanovic!

'This is a dream come true.'

She is also, as of monday, the world's no.1 women's tennis player.
This is just the beginning people.
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You'll get it when you click it.
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Alexander Lee Rose

Born April 27th 2008 of

Fiona Cornish and

Brendan Rose

Welcome to the world little man.

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